Here, you will find guidance on getting started with and using an Apple Macintosh computer from the 1980s in the present day.

From information on purchasing and setting up your Macintosh to tips and tricks on integrating it with modern systems, including my favorite software packages and how to use them.

Happy Mac


This website emerged from hours of creative boredom, aiming to blend nostalgic charm with modern web design. It's designed to look great on both contemporary browsers and vintage ones, like iCab 2.9.9 on a Macintosh SE/30 running System 7.5.3, though it may not render perfectly on all older browsers.

Inspired by Macintosh System 7, this site offers information about 80s and early 90s Macintosh computers. It covers what to buy, potential issues, recommended software, modernization tips, and repair guides. It's a nostalgic haven for classic Macintosh enthusiasts and those curious about these vintage systems.

Navigating this website


On the Hardware page, you can find comprehensive information about the Macintosh lineup, including the pros and cons of each model and important considerations when acquiring one.

Additionally, you'll discover guides on modernizing your Macintosh with BlueSCSI, or BlueSCSI with Pico-W (Wi-Fi), allowing you to get online without the need for vintage networking equipment.

The Hardware page also offers detailed instructions on repairing and 'recapping' certain models, adjusting the CRT, or modifying the voltage output of the analog board. You'll find useful downloads to help troubleshoot your Macintosh when it's misbehaving.


On the Software page, you will find extensive information about operating systems and software for your Macintosh. At this stage, it is assumed that you have a functioning Macintosh computer, whether running with BlueSCSI, a more traditional internal or external hard disk setup, or even a floppy-based system if you dare.

Explore a curated selection of software and system extensions that I use and recommend for a lean yet functional system.

Additionally, the Software page provides detailed instructions on setting up your Macintosh computer with BlueSCSI.